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Our values

  • Our method ensures personal success for everybody
  • We believe in the know-how and potential of our clients and see our task in developing these talents in best ways.
  • EVERY PERSON IS UNIQUE CoachingYou® trainers bear this in mind and don’t force the client into any corset.
    Respect means to us also:
  • Absolute discretion.
  • Highly qualified CoachingYou® trainers.
  • Besides continuous skill enhancement, all CoachingYou® trainers commit themselves to regular self-awareness sessions with external trainers and selfreflection in written form.
  • Since the company foundation, CoachingYou® by choice renounces any advertising on the homepage using client names, because all information regarding clients is treated in strictest confidence.
  • CoachingYou® trainers are convinced that systemic view on humans is a basis for successful work with individuals, teams and organisations.

CoachingYou® Method

  • Creates mental strenght through the use of mental training.
  • Looks at people in their entirety.
  • Recognises the necessity of harmonic relation between your innermost desires and your environment.

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