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Training for a certified CY® Mental Trainer certified Personal and Social Counselor and certified CY® Sexual Counselor In our education institute CY® Training Centre you can find seminars, intensive courses and diploma programs on following topics:

  • Diploma program Business Consulting (training)
  • Diploma program Mental Trainer (training)
  • Diploma program Personal and Social Counselor (training)
  • Diploma program Sexual Counselor (training)
  • Negotiation skills and Strategy (intensive course)
  • Leadership und Coaching Competence for Executives (seminar)
  • Mediative Problem Solution and Intervention in Teams (workshop)
  • Sales Training (workshop)
  • Presentation and Moderation Training with ORF Speakers
  • Time, Stress and Self-management (seminar)
  • Wellness for the soul (meditation evening)


Diploma program CY® Mental Trainer

In today’s world mental techniques are paramount to success. They are more important than ever in business, top-class sport as well as in private life. With this program you will become an expert on mental…

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Certified Personal and Social Counselor with Business License, incl. CY® Mental Trainer

This program by Coaching You® includes 2 certified…

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Diploma program CY® Sexual Counselor

When the joy of being together passes, many couples consult a sexual counselor. After this training you will be able to help them to find long forgotten pleasures and lightness of intimate togetherness…

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