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Meditation music

Shopping basketPerception – meditation music - instrumental version

zmmed.jpgMeditation is a massage for the soul. You are surrounded by complete silence. No thoughts, no words, no sounds can disturb this loudlessness. You hear only silence. You are detached from surroundings, from stress of everyday-life, from obligations and you are fully relaxed. This intrumental version supports you during your meditation and creates a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

Shopping basketMy success – meditation music - instrumental version

erfolgmusik.jpgEvery day we can choose how our world will look like: concern, stress and anger develops in us and we can prevent it. This meditation music helps you to find peace and energy in everyday life.

Shopping basketTender moments – meditation music- instrumental version

zmmusik.jpgSpecially tailored for couples. Even after an exhausting day at work, with this music your thoughts and words will be pleasant and full of warmth for each other.

Shopping basketTenderness of my soul – meditation music - instrumental version

zmmusik.jpgHighly effective meditation for more joy in life!

Communication Cards

Shopping basketBusiness Communication Cards: the communication tool for every-day office situations

gs1.jpgThese cards are a unique and creative way to exchange information, as an additional, non-verbal, communication method.


Shopping basketGift voucher for one hour of Mental Training

gs1.jpgGeben Sie jemandem, der es Ihnen wert ist, die Gelegenheit, Mentalcoaching kennen zu lernen, Sie beschenken ihn damit wie er es gerade braucht.

Shopping basketGift voucher for one hour of Coaching

gs1.jpgThis present can be the first step of problem solving.

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