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Relationship and Intimacy

School prepares us for different aspects of life, but there are no lessons about the most important topic of interpersonal relationship: the love. Relationship, intimacy and proximity are as important in an intimate togetherness, as desire and sexual lust. It is important to consciously foster them all, otherwise they could fall behind in everyday-life. In relationships we sometimes feel like a victim or offender, we get disappointed or we disappoint others. Our loved ones are the ones we tend to hurt the most. Don’t let this happen and make a first step towards a happy and intimate togetherness. Even long relationships need refreshing and courage to pursue new ideas. The CY®sexual counselors will help you to re-gain lost attraction and joy of being together. Nothing stays beautiful and interesting forever, without continous investment. Discover a new dimension of fulfilling life, which best match your own personal wishes.

CY® offers support which leads to a quick, certain and affordable success, as well as enjoyment of life, in any situation and for people of all ages!