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Individual Coaching

Every person is unique! Thus, one perfect solution, fitting everybody, does not exist. During individual coaching we work together with you on your own individual goals. Neutral counselling provides clarity, no matter if you are looking for ways to fullfill your dreams, or you are trying to define what you expect from life. In today’s world we are often forced to act rapidly and deal will several things simultaneously, which demands huge effort and energy on our part.  We run the risk of burning out. Use the time with your coach to reflect on daily situations and experiences, and gain energy out of them. Your coach will guide you in an empathetic, discreet and reliable manner. The respective counselling methods and techniques (mental training, systemic counselling, NLP) are customised to fit your individual needs and will provide appropriate help to your problems.

CY® offers support which leads to a quick, certain and affordable success as well as enjoyment of life, in any situation and for people of all ages!