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Mental Training

Under pressure, some people increase their efficiency to work. Others lose it and feel drained. With the right mental training you can learn how to convert stress into a strong motivating momentum. We use the technique of replacing obstructive patterns of thinking with clear confidences, proven to work. To reach these goals, we use special procedures including special breathing-, concentration-, and meditation-excercises. The same programs are being used in Businesses and professional sports all over the world to grant your success despite strong competition. It’s also essential to trust your own intuition. Many myths and lies have been told about gut instinct. But as a matter of fact, intuition is used as direct knowledge, with a „genetic code“. It is your unconcious intelligence, based on your own experiences. Daniel Kahnemann, who has won the Nobel prize for economics in 2002, classifies intuitive thinking faster and more effortless than logical thinking. We can help you to find your inner capabilities!

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