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Expat Coaching Services

The Expat Lifestyle that you deserve is only one step away with our tailored Expat Coaching Services, from one of our English speaking specialists.
Whether you are looking to get ahead in your career, wish to develop in your personal life or are looking for solutions to relationship worries, one of our below, customisable packages will fit your needs.

CY® offers Expat Coaching Services which are flexible, tailored to your needs and support you, as well as your family, in adapting to new environment. Our Expat Coaching Services have a modular structure and are available either in group or individual sessions.
We offer a free 45 minute consultation to see how we can best support you and to recommend the right modules for you.
Once our relationship is established, we are happy to make appointments via Skype to fit into your busy schedule.

For more information, please contact us at
Tel: +43 664 30 10 478 (Gabriela) or +43 664 16 85 412 (Monika)

The content of the below modules is an example of common topics and can be changed to suit your individual needs.

I. Personal Coaching
Type: Individual

  • Feeling lonely
  • Making friends
  • Stress management
  • Burnout prevention
  • Strengthening confidence
  • Abandoned in Vienna
  • Coping with change

II. Business Coaching
Type: Individual, or Group

  • Working in CEE
  • Austrian working environment
  • Stress management
  • Job application
  • Presentation skills

III. Expat Coaching
Type: Individual, or Group

  • Integration in a new country
  • Communication skills
  • Austrian working environment and management style
  • Being foreigner in Austria
  • Intercultural differences
  • Austrian mentality
  • Keeping in touch with home

IV. Partnership Coaching
Type: Individual

  • Relationship adjustments
  • Change of roles
  • Twin requirements of job and relation
  • New expectations from spouse
  • Unexpected new relationship issues
  • Being out of hers/his depth

V. Settle-down Package
Type: Group

  • Austrian health system and insurance
  • Austrian Authorities
  • All about the car
  • Public transportation
  • Finding school
  • Tax return
  • Rental contracts
  • English speaking network

Price Guide

The price structure for Expat Services is flexible and has a modular structure. You can buy as many credits as you wish and use them for both group and individual sessions.

1 credit = 50 €
10 credits = 450€

Single session (of 90 minutes) = 2 credits
Group session = between 1 and 3 credits (see details by each module)

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