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Christmas Time – Quality Time – “Me-Time“

Christmas is coming closer and while some of people are still looking for last minute presents, others are thinking how to get over the Christmas period as fast as possible. Many expats have gone back to their home country to see the family, or have their family over in Vienna, but there are some expats who will be celebrating their Christmas alone and this article is dedicated to them.

Traditionally, Christmas is the time we spend with our loved ones, like in a Disney movie. Christmas is time of peace, joy and love, where conflicts are put aside and everyone is together. The theory is nice, the reality is almost always different! Accept this, don’t put yourself under pressure, and don’t worry if you are alone, away from your loved ones and family. Across this city, across the world, there are millions of people in exactly this situation. I know expats who, due to failed relationships, are staying in Vienna to see children they no longer live with for a few hours and will be spending the rest of the period alone, some cannot afford the flight home. Some people have partners who have gone home for the holidays, but they have to stay for work or educational commitments. All these people have a legitimate right to enjoy their holidays, just as much as you do! Even if you have to spend the next few days on your own, don’t be sad,– make the best out of the free time and treat yourself to something you will enjoy. Please don’t ever feel the need to compare yourself to anyone else at this time of year, or feel a need to conform to the idealized version of Christmas we are confronted with in the media.

I have spent 3 Christmases on my own abroad, and as a Christmasphile I still enjoyed each one. I decorated the tree for myself, I listened to the music I enjoy, I went to concerts on my own, watched the films I like, opened my presents (because I wanted to, no other reason) and I used the opportunity to take stock, recharge my batteries and to make plans for the year ahead. You may use your Christmas however you choose. If you want to stay in your pyjamas and watch films, go to the gym and exercise or in any other way, just do it, and don’t worry what anyone else would think (especially Walt Disney)!

Remember, this is one Christmas of many, just because this one is not how you exactly want it, it doesn’t mean the rest, and your future will always be this way. Enjoy the free time, the relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to spend time with yourself, doing whatever it is you want to!

Merry Christmas