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SELF-ESTEEM: Using your own resources to adapt to a new phase of life

When starting a new phase of life as an expat, you have many things to consider and organise, before you settle down. There are many challenges you and your family have to face: new country, new people, new environment and a culture that you perhaps have difficulties to understand. Additionally you will be challenged by the business world in Austria, with its’ own management and working style.
In order to adapt to this new environment and to get on with it, you need a high level of personal autonomy. You have to use your resources, take responsibility for you decisions and know your goals and values. The more choices and decisions you are facing, the more strongly you need suitable self-esteem. Self-confidence and self-assurance which are based on the reality, are now crucial for your mental health and success.
What is self-esteem? You could call it the immune system of our consciousness, which gives us resistance, strength and capability to recover. It is the confidence that you are able to meet the requirements and challenges of your life, and it is a basic human need.
This feeling is our driving force to believe in ourselves, to achieve goals we aim for and to make full use of our potential. With high self-esteem it is easier to cope with and to withstand difficulties. We all fail from time to time, but with power of endurance we succeed more often and that makes us feel better.
A sound self-esteem is based on competence, self-respect and pride. The fundamental feeling of competence ensures us that we have the capability to learn what is necessary to reach our goals. Nevertheless, the success depends only on your efforts. Self-respect is the belief in your own value and that your life is worth being supported, protected and fostered. You deserve the respect of others.
When was the last time you felt proud of yourself? Pride is a positive emotion and a gratification for your achievements, so be good to yourself and enjoy it while you are reaching your highest potential. Be aware that emotions can stimulate or constrain the thoughts, so if you have troubles with improving your self-esteem, don’t give up when you encounter the first difficulties. You are facing a challenge to defy emotional resistance in order to increase the level of your self-esteem and you should be proud of your first steps!
The source of the self-esteem lies only within you. You need to overcome your mental blocks, the doctrines must be re-phrased and the course of action revised.
A very powerful tool, used in personal coaching, is self-reflection which helps to check and revise the thinking patterns, to get to know own needs, emotions, values and motives, as well as to define where you are and what are your future goals. Other techniques from mental training, such as visualisation or affirmation, help to overcome mental blocks or to re-phrase negative inner doctrines, which are blocking you in your development.

The motive now is to exploit your possibilities and use your own resources to reach the best in your life! Personal Coaching and right mental techniques can help you with all this.

Sincerely yours,

Personal Coach and Mental Trainer