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“It is not so easy to take some time out. After all, I am heavily involved in a tight everyday life schedule and cannot just simply walk off. Nevertheless I would like to know if there is something I could do to help myself!” I hear this sentence often from my clients. At the same time it is often the declaration of beginning inactivity, exhaustion and feeling of being overwhelmed.
Yes, actually there is a time-out which costs nothing, you always carry it around with you and you can handle it wherever you are. You don’t need to ask anybody for allowance and it has sensational results when it comes to recharging your batteries! Thousands of years old, described often in the literature, but still up-to-date and effective: the daydream. A time-out where you decide when to start and when to end, takes from some seconds up to minutes, whenever it suits you.
Just take the liberty for a short moment to leave a meeting, a dispute or a task that overstrains you right now, go to a quiet place like toilet, car or staircase, close your eyes and imagine in front of you a picture of persons you love. Hug them and sense the love inside you. That helps.