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Everyday life

To get a grip on the everyday life – this is the supreme discipline! The major stumbling blocks are so big, that we can see them and sidestep them on time. It is the small stumbling blocks which we don’t see on our way and which make us fall.
The truth is that the everyday life accounts for the most of our life time, it is the most common cause of conflicts up to divorces, it is the most common trigger of aggressions between partners up to court cases.
Everyday life is something that nobody can avoid.
My advice: let’s consider every day as a gift to ourselves by welcoming each and every one in the morning and consciously greeting it with a smile. Get out of the bed first when you feel that the smile is coming from the bottom of your heart.
I greet each and every day with a smile and I feel that a smile comes back to me.

Motto: “I will design my day in a way, that makes me happy in the evening”