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Switching Off

It is 7:30pm and I am pretty tired. It has been an exhausting day, full of decisions which I am responsible for. In addition some things which spoiled my mood. You can image how it feels, because your job, as mine, is not only about sun shine and pay raise. Although I do like my job, but at the moment I’m just tired and not in the mood for anything. However, my spouse expects some communication, kindness, interest about hers/his day, simply some relaxed atmosphere together.
How should I manage this, when I’m so tired?

Alternative 1:
I can complain to my spouse how bad the day has been, how tired I am, that everything went wrong, how unfortunate I am and what I don’t like about my job.

Well, if I complain long enough I will definitely manage to adjust the mood of my spouse to mine and then we will be 2 unhappy people and end the evening in a bad mood.

Alternative 2:

I don’t talk at all, hide somewhere and expect my spouse to recognize, with foreseeing powers, how bad this day has been and how tired I am.

Perhaps my spouse will even presume to be the reason of my “meaningful silence” and then again both of us are in a bad mood.

Alternative 3: “The Roller Shutter Technique”
How does this work?

On my way home from work, I use the time and imagine how I close a roller shutter in front of me. Whatever visually represents my work day, e.g. desk with a computer, sales counter or a garage, vanishes behind the roller shutter and on it there is a sign “CLOSED”.

Therewith I separate the work day from my private time and I switch off.

You should try this mental technique particularly before vacation and holidays, and you will be able to enjoy those days again.